Is Blogging Still Relevant in 2019 – 2020? A Deep Analysis

is blogging still relevant
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As we know that the world is suffering from a pandemic situation and people are losing jobs, adapting the same situation a lot of marketers and people from various industry with knowledge about blogging are planning to start a blog.

The main question that pops in their mind before starting – “Is Blogging Still Relevant in 2020 or beyond”?

I will take a deep dive into this topic and try to put my prospective to answer this question.

Why Do you Want to Start Blogging?

There are several reasons someone wants to start a blog, some of most common reasons are

  1. Passionate about a hobby and willing to share the experience
  2. Having deep knowledge in a field and willing to share it
  3. Want to create a passive income from blogging
  4. Want to use it to fuel business growth
  5. Want to monetize your passion
  6. And some people are like I just want the money

Well, yes money is a motivator but if you are going to start a blog only keeping the monetary intention in mind; perhaps you are going to give up soon.


I have been blogging since 2015. It is 2020 now.

I did not earn anything till the first year or even more. (14 months to be precise)

Now you must be thinking then why did I start a blog?

Why I started Blogging?

The answer is simple. Someone told me to start a blog , and he told me that it will rank your website for multiple keywords.

He also told me that your website bounce rate will also go decrease drastically which is a good sign in the eyes of Google.

That is the only reason I started writing blogs.

I used my personal experience and expertise which is digital marketing to write blog posts.

At the starting phase, it was boring for me. But gradually I started liking it.

It improved my knowledge, research capabilities and I also found out that I could earn from a blog in several ways i.e Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, etc.

But nothing magical happened in the first 14 months. Now if you are ready to sacrifice hours and you are okay with waiting 15 months to earn then blogging is going to reward you in a greater way after 15 months.

There are many people who claim that I became a millionaire from blogging. May be it is true. But it takes time. Nothing happens over night.

Gradually after 14 months I got many clients from my blog, Right now I have several blogs with Google adsense as the main monetization method.

I also get a lot opportunity to write sponsored posts.

But it all took a lot of time and effort. Last but not the list a lot of tools.

Wrong Mindset for Blogging:

People with this type of mindset will never achieve anything from blogging. I bet you they can’t.

Blogging should not be taken as a career at the first phase. You should take it as a passionate side hustle.

Once you have the desired results you can go all in.

But a lot of people watch some YouTube videos, read some blog articles, and think that they can be the next blogging millionaire in 3 – 6 months.

Eventually, they jump into a niche that has a lot of competition or a niche that they are not having any knowledge or experience.

is blogging still relevant

To be honest blogging is not for you, if you have such a mentality.

Writing an article takes 1 hour to 2 hours max. If you think by giving 1 hour a day you can become a millionaire in 6 months you are 100% wrong.

Blogging is 100% irrelevant for people who have this type of mentality.

Now let”s find out the right mindset.

The Right Blogging Mindset:

First of all you must keep it clear inside your brain that blogging is not a sprint. It is a marathon. I always say this to my students. And I am repeating it here again.

It takes time. Just be focused and keep working.

Now this is what I call the right mindset for blogging

  1. Choosing less competitive niche
  2. Having fun while creating content
  3. Must be passionate about the niche
  4. Must have knowledge and experience
  5. Must be willing to dedicate 2 hours a day for 15 months
  6. Must be willing to avoid the crowd

Now you must be thinking that ahhh, that is damn tough. I can’t do that.

But trust me there is a solution.

is blogging still relevant

This is the solution, newbie bloggers should focus on one single micro niche rather fighting with large blogs that are established since decades.

Now if you are thinking about what is a MICRO NICHE, then I would strongly recommend you read my article, 14 micro blogging niche ideas for 2020.

Micro niche is a very specific niche that has a decent followers and that can be used as a blogging niche.


Health and fitness is a niche but KETO DIET is a micro niche. Digital marketing is a niche but BACKLINKS is a micro niche.

Why micro niches?

Micro is very specific and less competitive.

You can easily rank with different keywords and scale the blog without fighting much with giant blogs.

People trust micro niche blogs a lot.

It is easy to dominate a small niche rather getting frustrated by seeing a large competition.

How to Select a Micro Niche?

Go to amazon and search for the bestsellers. Each and every product is a micro niche.

Let’s assume you are interested in BABY niche. You can go and fin a bestseller baby product to start from.

Let’s again assume you chose baby food. Now if you check the competition on SEM RUSH Keyword Magic Tool.

is blogging still relevant

There are 93418 keywords available only in Baby Food niche. This is tool is absolutely magic.

If you want this tool CLICK HERE to get it.

As you can see almost 94000 keywords in baby food niche. Then why do you want to go for a broad niche that will kill your potential to become succesful?

Can you imaging how much potential is still there in Blogging in 2020?

There are more than 500+ micro niches in this world, using which you can start a blog.

Is it still relevant to start a blog in 2020?

What do you think after reading this article? Is blogging still relevant in 2020?

I don’t know about you, but I think it absolutely has a great potential in 2020 and beyond if we use the right strategy.

Without following the crowd if we listen to our inner self and follow a path that is taken by very less people on earth we can reach height of success in this field.

But again, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a career. If you think you cant go all in at the moment, keep it as a side hustle and move slowly.

If you have money to invest you can hire bunch of writers and growth hack your way to the top within an year.

If you do not have any investment just keep grinding until you have at least $5000 per month as a passive income. From that point, you can start outsourcing your blogging work by hiring several writers to fasten the process..

Final Words:

With right tools, strategy and hustle blogging is still relevant in 2020. And it will be relevant in future.

Though we have platforms like YouTube where people go to consume video content, there is also a large part of people like you and me who prefer reading blog articles more than watching those videos on YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Feel free to share it on your social media and among your friends circle.

Which micro niche would you love to work on? Mention it in comments!

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