How Boring & Repetitive Actions Can Make you Rich

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Boring stuff can make you rich. 
Don’t trust me? Find out yourself.

We’re clipped to excitement.

Pleasurable tasks!

Secretly avoiding boring work.

Unaware of the invisible power of “BORING”.

You must be feeling like:

WTF Satrujit! I’m about to pour a glass of wine.
Don’t ruin my weekend with this boring piece of shit.

Sorry to disappoint you. 
But, BORING = RICH. Period!

Now let me dumb it down for you.
(obviously with examples)

Purchasing premium courses and joining multiple workshops. 

That’s something we love to do.

Some people are even borrowing money to buy courses.

What’s the reason?

Your subconscious brain tells you, “I might learn something new.”

It might make me rich and stuff. 

Then you get excited, watch all the modules.

Figure out that you must put it into action.

You realize taking repetitive action is boring. 

You skip the boring part, purchase the next workshop.
(this is a never-ending cycle)

You already know outreach is DARN important!

Either you outsource it.
Simply ignore it and act like it’s not crucial.

I’ve got all my clients using outreach. 

But why I’m hesitating to do it every single day?

Because it’s boring AF!  

But deep inside we all realize this boring & repetitive task will bring in more clients. (clients=money, boring=rich)

Our self-ego screams at MAX volume.

“WTF man! You ain’t build for boring stuff, you’re made for creative shit.”

And we skip the boring… Run for excitement! Buy a new course!

Lol, it’s a never-ending cycle!


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