ContentStudio Review: Should You Buy it? Read & Decide!

ContentStudio Review, Content studio Review, review
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Introduction to ContentStudio:

We all love saving time when it comes to content curation, content creation, or generating content ideas. Don’t we?
Some people spend a hell lot of time while some leverage content idea generation with some tools like BuzzSumo and ContentStudio.

In this article, I will share my own personal experience with and I will try to cover each of its pros and cons so that you can make a buying decision at the end of reading the article.

Why should you believe me?

I have a digital marketing agency that helps business to grow their leads, sales, and review with Facebook & Google ads. I also manage several client’s social media pages and deliver the image, video, and article-based content.

I have been using this tool to generate content ideas for 6+ months and I think I have enough experience with this tool to share a personal review.

What is ContentStudio?

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

ContentStudio is a Social Media Management tool that helps you research trending social media topics, most engaged articles, content ideas, and last but not least share those content via different social media platforms.

They have divided the tool into 4 parts. Discovery, Planner, Publisher & Analytics.

One can discover topics, plan the posts, schedule it via publisher and check the analytics. That’s something I call a Go-To solution for social media management.

Why did I purchase ContentStudio?

To be honest, I was using BuzzSumo before when I had few clients on board,

By few clients here I mean, real quality clients who can pay around $1000 bucks a month minimum.

Because BuzzSumo costs $99 a month. If you do not have a quality client it doesn’t make any sense of paying such amount for a tool that will help you discover content ideas.

I was searching for a BuzzSumo Alternative that is cheaper, reliable and having similar or better functionalities.

And then I found CONTENTSTUDIO. Not similar but better when we compare functionalities and features. Though it’s a review about contentstudio. I won’t talk much about BuzzSumo. But I will surely make some content where I will compare both of the tool’s neck to neck.

ContentStudio Pricing:

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

As you can see in the above screenshot, with the PRO package you can manage 10 social media accounts in 1 workspace which is best for entry-level marketers.

Later on you can change the plan according to your clients requirements and your agency’s situation.

The best thing about the tool is, they never restrict you when it comes to topic search, searches per day, post per months in the basic package itself.

When you pay for something every month, there should not be any limitations right?

I was tired of such limitations. So I switched to this tool.

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

As you can see, I have the starter solo marketer plan where I have one workspace and added 2 social accounts for now.

I will dig deeper and show you how the dashboard looks and how it really creates magic in my life.

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

Once you purchase the tool, you must create your workspace by providing our basic information i.e name, email and password.

I have my workspace ready to go!

Dashboard tour of ContentStudio:

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

In the search bar you can either put a domain name or put keywords related to our niche to find trending content ideas.

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

You can also see your search history when you click on the search bar. So let’s search something related to social media marketing.

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

I have searched Social Media Marketing keyword here.

Let’s see what kind of results we get. I have selected most shared content from last 3 months worldwide in English language.

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

Here is the result, it shows all the social media marketing niche related posts that are mostly shared in past 90 days.

I found a very insightful article by SocialMediaExaminer where they are explaining the 2020 social media industry report and this particular report has helped me to generate tons and tons of content.

This really made my work easier.

Now that you have a general idea of how this tool works, lets dig deep into the four different functionalities that CONTENTSTUDIO offers.


content studio review, contentstudio review, review

When you click on discover tab, you will see this screen. They have everything that you need to discover trending content that is loved by real people on social media.

From startups to programming and from marketing to gaming; they have every single industry listed here.


content studio review, contentstudio review, review

When you click on publish, you will see three more options.

  • Composer: It helps you compose posts on your social media pages from ContentStudio Dashboard
  • Planner: It helps you to schedule posts for a specific time in the future
  • Automation: It helps you in advanced automation recipes i.e sharing a blog post to social media automatically
content studio review, contentstudio review, review


This tool will help you analyze the engagement, reach, and reactions on your social media posts that are posted into the selected pages inside contentstudio.

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

This one is really helpful to know what strategy is working and what is not. You can analyze your posts and repeat similar content to get maximum engagement and reach.

The Right Side Dashboard of ContentStudio:

When yo click on the right-side dashboard you will see a menu like this. It will show you some basic settings, your social media accounts, content categories, integrations, and subscription plan.

Now that I have shown you most of the functionalities, lets get into the review part.

ContentStudio Review – My Personal Experience:

To be honest my personal experience with ContentStudio has been very positive.

Their support is excellent and I hardly found any bugs in the tool. They are in the market for a long time that is why it is matured level software where you can hardly find any bugs.

It is really important for marketers and entrepreneurs to stay updated with the latest industry news and these particular tools helps me with that as well.

I use ContentStudio almost every day to find out the latest content for my new blog GRAPHBUZZ and I use all the trending ideas to create stunning content for my clients.

I can confidently say that my content research strength has increased since the day I started using this tool.

Apart from that it helps me save a lot of time.

Features like automation recepies and analytics are the features which I would really work with in my future projects.

The content studio mobile app is something that I use everyday to stay updated. Now this is something forced me to give them a 5 out of 5.

Who should buy this tool?

  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Content Managers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Agencies
  • Social Media Agencies
  • Graphic Designers
  • Writers
  • Freelancers

ContentStudio Special Deal:

content studio review, contentstudio review, review

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