Blogging for Dummies 2020: A Professional Step by Step Guide

Blogging for Dummies 2020
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This article will be long and descriptive. You will learn how to start a professional blog in 2020 that makes real money.

So sit back relaxed and grab a cup of coffee or tea. (Which ever you prefer) 🙂

What is a BLOG?

The blog is nothing but a website, that has helpful informational posts that are written in a conversational language.

Now, what is the conversational language?
The way you share the latest info with your group of friends. Yes, you do not have to be very much advanced in your writing style.

Because normal people who surf the internet will read those blog posts which are also known as articles.

You can start a blog by purchasing a domain and hosting if you do not have any money you can start a blog on BLOGGER without paying a single penny.

That totally depends on you. But I prefer a proper web hosting and domain. Because I do blogging to monetize my passion. If you are serious about a blogging career never look for free stuff or shortcuts.

Look at the best blogs in the world. They have a nice theme which is paid, they have a hosting which is unlimited and can handle any amount of traffic which is again paid. They do not use any free platform.

Now you can easily decide where to start.


Blogging is expressing and sharing your life experience and passion with conversational words inside a website by creating a different set of articles.

Blogs are normally monetized by digital ads and affiliate articles so that they can earn some money to monetize their passion and to keep the website alive.

Is blogging a good career option?

The answer to this question is in your google search history. People search for what they really want to know about.

You searched something related to ‘Blogging’ and here you are reading this article.

The entire internet runs with traffic. The more traffic a website or a page has the more money they earn.

If you can attract people to read what you share inside your blog, it can definitely become a full time career option.

Buy you have to keep in mind that you must do it professionally and have patience. Blogging is not get rich overnight scheme.

It is long lasting and long term business that takes time.

What are some examples of successful Blogs?

  1. TechCrunch – Avg Revenue : $2.5 M USD (Approximate)
  2. SocialMediaToday – Avg Revenue : $300K (Approximate)
  3. PCMag – Avg Revenue : $19M (Approximate)
  4. DigitalTrends – Avg Revenue : $14M (Approximate)

Those are some great financial figures aren’t they?

You must be thinking, how can I make that kind of money creating a blog?

I will answer everything as promised.

First of all you must know that, these blogs are 10+ years old and they have 20+ ways that they are using to monetize the blog.

You have to be very consistent and patient, that is the key here.

But a long leap of faith begins with one single step. The mindset!

The mindset to start and the mindset to believe that you can do it. Even if not $20M but you can do 10% of that right?

So let’s get started!

How to Start a Blog?

You need the right mindset with the help of few tools and platforms.

I would recommend you to go step by step

  • Select a Niche
  • Pickup a Name
  • Buy a Domain I Prefer this website
  • Buy a WordPress Hosting
  • Setup a theme (Generatepress or ColorMag)
  • Write at least 25 unique articles in the first month
  • Monetize the blog
  • Keep on writing
  • Analyze & Improve

How to select a niche?

People always get stuck in this part, selecting a niche.
Yes, it is hard to decide a niche at the start.

But when you use this simple trick, things will be easier.

Blogging for Dummies 2020

This is the formula I use. First of all, find out what you are good at. Then try to know what people are searching for in that particular field.

Once you find what they actually are looking for, make more and more content on it.

Eample: My niche is blogging and digital marketing. I found that people are searching for topics related to, ‘ how to start a blog’.

That is reason I am writing this long article.

Pickup a Name:

Choose something that is short and memorable, also matches your niche. If you do not find anything choose your name.


  • Short name
  • Memorable
  • Brandable
  • .COM
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Matches your niche


  • Very long
  • Non-Branded
  • Not easy to pronounce
  • Exact Match Keyword (

Example: (is a bad choice) (is a good name)

Example: (is a good name) (is a badname)

Buying a Domain name:

Always choose a .com if available. Because the .com extension has a lot more value than any other extension and can be ranked worldwide. If you are targeting a specific country, you may choose country-based domains.

I prefer & recommend other HOSTINGER. Buying a domain and installing WordPress is quite easy with them.

They have a quick response when it comes to support. I never faced any issues.

You can click here to register a domain.

Buying a hosting:

If you are serious about a venture, do not buy cheap hosting. There are also some free hosting providers out there but I never prefer those cheap hosting sites.


  • They are slow
  • They are easily hacked
  • Do not have WordPress panel
  • Do not come with CPanel
  • Bad user interface
  • Can’t handle large traffic
  • Data is not secure
  • Limited space

I use a premium hosting which has a 5 years validity and can handle unlimited traffic with daily backups.

If you want it, you can buy it here.

Setup a theme :

If you are building an authority blog, use COLORMAG (freemium available)

If you are going for an affiliate blog use Generatepress.

You can also use ELEMENTOR to create custom pages.

Writing 25 Articles:

Why did I mention 25 articles? Why not any other number?

25 is the bare minimum, to start making money from your blog. Yes, I am talking about Adsense. I have two blogs that are Adsense verified. From that experience, I have learned that you need at least 20-25 unique articles to come in the good notes of Google God.

Once you are done with 20+ articles that are unique and nicely written, you can apply for Google Adsense.

Blogging for Dummies 2020

Some bloggers are like, I do not want my readers to see ads. That is up to you, but Google ad-sense is by far the best ad network that is available in the entire world.

And I believe if you do not monetize at the start it might be awkward to show ads to readers at a later phase. They might not feel familiar with the site. Imagine that you visit a website every day, but suddenly you see ads everywhere. You might feel uncomfortable and never come back.

So implement Adsense once you are done with 25 articles.

How to Monetize a Blog?

My favorite part, turning passion into profit.

There are 20+ ways you can monetize a blog. I will mention a few best performing monetization methods that are also used by the best blogs around the world.

  • Google Adsense (You may try others i.e AdMaven, Media.Net)
  • Affiliate Marketing ( Selling ready-made products by joining affiliate programs)
  • Selling Own Services (Freelancer services, short gigs, content marketing, digital marketing)
  • Consulting Calls
  • Selling Courses, Coaching Programs
  • Helping other new blogs in SEO
  • Selling Ad Space
  • Using E-Mail List to Sell Almost anything
  • Selling products related to your niche
  • Helping others to manage their blogs
  • Sponsored Posts

Keep on writing:

Once you have the Ad-sense monetization approved, do not stop writing. It is a bad practice in the eyes of Google.

You must keep writing 1-2 articles a week to keep growing your traffic, your rankings, and your email list.

As I already mentioned, blogging is a marathon not a sprint. You must be patient to see some results.

Analyze & Improve:

You must analyze whether your strategies are working or not, you must know your best traffic source and
your readers’ behavior, location, etc.

To start analyzing your traffic I would suggest you Google analytics which is a 100% free tool.

Final Words:

Blogging can be a lucrative career if you do with passion and patience. Do not jump just to make money because if you do not have experience, passion, and interest n a topic you cant describe it and you would end up copying others.

Always keep in mind that Google hates copy paste content, it penalizes plagiarized content and rewards unique authentic content.

Over all, it is something like you get what you give. Be helpful towards the society and leave rest of the part on Google.

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