5 Key Elements of a Shopify Product Page

5 key elements of shopify product page
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Satrujit, we’re a well-known brand!

Our product is outstanding…

But, we’re not getting enough sales on our product page!
(a super common question)

Good brand? Great product? So what???

It’s all about how you structure your product page.

Remember this:
Your customer doesn’t care about how good you are.

Or how great your product is.

All they care about is :
what benefit they will get if they buy your product.

Add these 5 key elements to your product page.
See if that helps you increase the conversion rate.

  1. Headline

Clean, relevant, benefit-driven, and that makes your reader curious about reading the entire page.

2. Images

Stop showing off your product! Start showing how it will add value to your customer’s life with different images.

3. Description

Most of the Shopify stores talk about bullet points and features here.

But this is the area we should convert features into benefits. Customers buy benefits, not features.

4. Trust Signal

Give your website visitors enough evidence so that they have trust issues.

Add as much social proof or testimonials as possible.

No testimonials? Add some guarantee seals.

5. Call to Action

It’s okay to add a BUY NOW button.

But it’s even better to test different CTAs.

For persuasive copywriting & conversion rate optimization send me an email at satrujit@digitalsashtra.com

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